Our Vision

Super Resolution Analytics combines the expert knowledge of its associates in Statistics, Mathematics, Optics, Physics and Computer Science to provide complete solutions for all your data analysis, signal processing, predictive analytics and computer vision needs.

In an age where we are ‘drowning in information and starving for knowledge’ (J. Naisbitt) the ability to detect patterns and features in a timely manner is critical for the success of every company.

We perform both standard, well established modeling of the investigated data, as well as research and development for new and challenging problems.

Each of our consultants has more than 15 years of experience and demonstrable excellence in both academic and private sector. They have been involved in many projects of different complexity across a large range of industries. They have PhD degrees in quantitative fields such as: applied statistics, pure mathematics, psychometrics, qualitative analysis, physics, and computer science. Their activity is reflected in peer-reviewed published papers, US patents, and R&D100 awards.

We stay at the forefront of scientific research in data analysis, signal processing, machine learning, and optical measurements.


Past Projects

  • Empirical Bayes for joint data registration and fusion.
  • Super-resolved height profiling measured by Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI).
  • Wavelet based anomaly detection and seasonality removal for hospitality industry.
  • Competing risk and joint longitudinal latent class modeling for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Extended focus for profiling microscopy.
  • Structural Equation Modeling to assess validity and reliability of various instruments used in education.